Gibbs: “Don’t Expect Any Major Adjustments” in Afghan Review


Press Sec tells reporters December report will likely only lead to “minor adjustments.”

On oil commission draft report:

“Our response attacked the oil spill…with the largest federal response. We did all that we could in that environment.”

“No information was altered and no information was withheld.”

“These are staff working drafts… these are not necessarily the opinions of those in the commission.”

“I don’t think it helps anybody understand the oil crisis if what’s set out in the report does not match the reality.”

“The President appointed the commission and looks forward to the commission’s final conclusion but it doesn’t do anybody any good [if you don’t see the final report].”

“When the rig exploded and the blowout preventer failed 5000 feet below the surface no one could see what happened.”

“We always sought to provide the best information as we were engaged in the most robust federal response of this magnitude.”

On Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act:

“The president is [going to apply a] pocket veto.”

“We have heard from officials around the country of the unintended consequences of the bill.”

On midterms

“I think the President is working hard each day not to lose the House.”

On health care waivers:

“The waivers are about ensuring and protecting the coverage people have before 2014.”

“We want to ensure that the time that it takes to implement the law…that they don’t find themselves at the mercy of insurance companies jacking up the rates.”

“I think health insurance reform is going to provide far better coverage for millions of Americans.”

On Middle East peace talks:

“We saw with their participation in Washington…that there was a seriousness of purpose that was quite productive…and we hope even in the disappointment of settlement moratorium we can can still continue to do that.”

On Chinese currency:

“We are watching and evaluating the steps [China takes in terms of their currency].”

“There is a bipartisan recognition and on both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue on China’s currency.”

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