Sounding Like a Candidate!


In Monday interview with TIME’s Adam Sorensen, Trump lays out what sounds an awful lot like a 2012 platform:

“I have never had any interest [in running for office] before. If I ever did, this would be the time. That’s not to say I have interest, but if I ever did, this would be the time, because we’ve never had a country that’s sunk and that’s gone to levels as low as it is right now.”

On the state of the country:

“We’re getting that inferiority complex which we’ve never had.”

“I’m very upset about what is happening. I’ve expressed that to various journalists and I guess that’s probably what happened — somebody wanted to see how my views, which are very strong on China ripping us off, which are very strong on OPEC and the illegal monopoly that it should be called… and I’m very opposed to various other things. And I state that opposition and I state it I think clearly and sometimes bluntly. I guess people like that and it resonates.”

On his qualifications:

“I think I’m qualified because I deal with countries that are taking us to lunch in a negative sense. I deal with Chinese. I know the Chinese. I understand the Chinese. They laugh at our stupidity. That laugh at how stupid our leaders are.”

“I am someone who looks for fairness for this country. I believe in free trade, but only if it’s fair free trade.”

On his party:

“I am a Republican. If I were interested, I’d be a Republican.”

“They have a chance to make a big difference [after the midterms]. The last time they blew it.”

On timing:

“We have to see what happens with the elections in November.”

“Every week I wake up an the country is weaker and weaker and less and less effective and just less of a force. We’re working for China and that could be changed very rapidly.”

“I’ve never seen a time that would be a more likely time than now.”

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