Huckabee Predicts “Political Tsunami the Likes of Which I Have Never Seen”


The former governor tells Mark Halperin why Democrats are in for a major shock and whom voters are really mad at.

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Halperin: “Joining us now, Former Governor Mike Huckabee who’s been traveling quite a bit around the country getting a feel for things and helping Republican candidates. Governor, what would you say are the Republican Party’s chances in the midterms?”

Huckabee: “I think it’s not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of just how big the blow-out’s going to be. My sense is we’re on the cusp of seeing a political tsunami the likes of which I have never seen in my lifetime. And it appears that what ordinarily would be very safe Democrat seats are truly in jeopardy and districts that typically would not be in play are very much in play.”

Halperin: “I want to ask you to respond to a thesis. I’m not telling you whether I think it’s true or not but some people have told me they think it’s true including some Republicans. Is it true would you say, this statement, Republicans are going to do well in these midterms less because of what Republicans have done or are offering but more because of what the Democrats, the president, speaker of the House, Harry Reid have done to overreach?”

Huckabee: “Oh, absolutely. Republicans shouldn’t go around patting themselves on the back thinking that they’re doing well because people are in love with them. What people are mad at is what I call, not Democrats or Republicans, but Kleptocrats; people who have spent so much of somebody else’s money that there is just a rage. What I’m seeing happen is frankly a celebration of the greatness of our constitutional form of government. America was brilliantly designed by its founders to be like a self-cleaning oven. And from time to time when things get really gunky, you’ve got to turn the heat up to an unreasonable level and then come election day you wipe out the ashes. I think that’s what’s exactly happening.”

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