Carter Talks Midterm Malaise

On “Early Show,” former prez says he doesn’t think Dems will “have very good success,” but thinks Obama should stay the course.

Watch the video or read what Carter had to say after the jump.

Smith: “Some people have said President Obama’s several years in office now is somewhat resembling your time in office. If he were to call you and say, ‘All right, in the next 2 years this is what I’ve got to face this is what I need to do.’ What advice would you give?”

Carter: “Well, when I was in office at this time I had a 66 percent favorable rating and we had a very successful midterm election. But he is faced with an obstacle that I didn’t have and that is almost complete polarization and an absence of any cooperation from the Republican Party. I had very good bipartisan support. So I think that he needs to concentrate in the next 2 years, I’m sure he will anyway, on the economic system. He’s gotten some very wonderful achievements so far but what people are interested in now is more jobs and I think he’s going to do that. And maybe after the election is over, I don’t think the Democrats are going to have a very good success in a couple of weeks, but after that’s over he’ll still be president for 2 years and I think he’ll have a much more forceful presentation now that he’s got a clear picture of what the situation will be and I believe he’ll be successful.”

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