Right Fired Up Over Recess Appt Flap


John Podhoretz: “This is as glaring an admission as there is that Obama and his people know they’ve lost the public on health care.”

NRO’s Ponnuru: “It’s… unfortunate that the Administration apparently views any attempt to scrutinize someone appointed to manage an $800 billion budget as ‘Washington game-playing.’”

Weekly Standard’s Hayes: “By offering Berwick a recess appointment now, the White House is circumventing the entire process — shielding Berwick from having to answer for his views.”

Thune: “A slap in the face of the American people who have every right to know how Donald Berwick intends to implement President Obama’s new trillion dollar health care plan.”

Cornyn: “From day one of the debate on health care reform, the President who campaigned on transparency has orchestrated special interest pacts, back-room negotiations… and now an extraordinary maneuver to land an extremist nominee at the helm of CMS.

Barrasso: “Once again, President Obama has made a mockery of his pledge to be accountable and transparent.”

McConnell: “The mere possibility of allowing the American people the opportunity to hear what he intends to do with their health care is evidently reason enough for this Administration to sneak him through without public scrutiny.”

Alexander: “Here they go again, thumbing their noses at the American people, jamming through a controversial nominee to oversee Medicare cuts in the new health care law.”

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