Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in  politics for Friday, August 14.

1. Watch as President Obama holds a town hall on health care today in Montana. Watch the press’ continuing obsession with whether he gets any hostile questions from the crowd there and to see if he actually gets any hostile questions. Also watch to see how the president tries to drive a message that actually helps his cause on health care.

2. Watch the coverage of the health care movement overall, not just of the town halls but on all issues related to health care. The conventional wisdom is that the president has no positive momentum and nothing going on, so watch to see how the press frames that going into the weekend.

3. Watch Sen. Grassley of Iowa, who’s key to any bipartisan deal on health care in the Senate. He was very glum and downbeat on Thursday about the prospects of a deal. But watch to see if Democrats or Grassley himself step forward in a way to make it clear that there’s still a glimmer of bipartisan cooperation on health care in the Senate, which is important as August recess continues.

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