Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Thursday, August 13.

1.Watch to see what the White House does today to try to change or counteract the coverage of the town hall meetings. On Wednesday, Robert Gibbs called the press out a little bit for its coverage of the meetings and the protests, rather than the actual details of the plans being considered by Congress. Watch for the administration to try to change the dynamic.

2. Watch the press. It’s been covering the health care story almost solely through the prism of the town meetings this week. As a new USA Today/Gallup poll suggests, it’s probably not helpful to the White House’s efforts. Watch to see if the press continues on that line or if there’s a change in its focus and a shift to talk about the real issues rather than the disruptions and emotions coming out of the meetings.

3. Watch Hillary Clinton as she continues her trip in Africa. She created a little bit of controversy earlier in the week with her comments about her husband and, more broadly, has shown some frustration with the way the trip is being covered. Watch to see if she does anything today to try to change how the press is portraying her travels to audiences back home.

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