Mark Halperin’s Three Things

There aren’t three things to watch for in politics today — there’s really just one big thing, so watch to see what the White House does to try to rev up health care reform. The conventional wisdom is that the movement is dying as members of Congress back in their districts for recess are not hearing positive things about the effort and not seeing positive things in their poll numbers. It’s still possible this is an inside game and that the White House and congressional Democrats will ignore public opinion and will try to get health care through both houses. Watch to see if they have the spine, the political courage — or some would say stupidity — to push it through even without a flood of public support. But it is the case that the media environment and the political culture do matter and right now the administration’s initiative is being seen as dying in the August heat, so watch to see if President Obama or other major figures make attempts to revive health care reform.

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