Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Tuesday, August 11.

1. Watch President Obama in New Hampshire holding a town hall meeting on health care. He’s set to speak in Portsmouth at 1 pm ET with an appeal for support from Americans who already have health insurance. All sorts of things could happen there in terms of what the president says and does, as well as what kind of reaction he gets from the gathered crowd. Watch to see what happens and if it in any way changes the national debate on health care.

2. Watch to see how congressional Democrats tackle health care today. Some more moderate Democrats with more conservative districts are facing resistance from their constituents at town halls and in other ways, so watch to see whether they seem to back off from their support of the president. Watch for any signs that they’re getting nervous about poll numbers and the plan the president’s pushing.

3. Watch Secretary of State Clinton in Africa. After her outburst of anger yesterday following a question translated as being about her husband’s opinion, the media’s focus again is on the power dynamic among the Clintons. Watch to see if she does some public event to try to take the edge off that and to get the focus back on the work she’s doing in Africa.

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