Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Thursday, July 30.

1. Watch to see what President Obama says and does on health care today. After his two town hall meetings yesterday, the president has no public events on the issue scheduled for today. Watch to see if that changes, especially following the string of unfavorable polls that came out late in the day yesterday. Watch to see what the president does in public to try to keep up pressure on Congress to move on health care.

2. Watch the inside game on health care — that’s where the action is. Rahm Emanuel and other administration officials are trying to push members of Congress along, being more specific about what the president wants in private than they have been in public. Watch to see what progress there is as the Hill gets closer to August recess.

3. Watch the so-called beer summit at the White House this evening. The meeting between the president, Sgt. Crowley and Henry Louis Gates has drawn the attention of the media and the American people away from health care and other issues, so watch to see if the actual sit-down and its coverage can finally tamp down this story  for the administration. Also watch to see if anything substantive comes out of the session.

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