Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Monday, July 27.

1. Watch to see how the White House’s posture toward health care changes. With Congress’ recess coming up, the administration seems to have backed off its strident pressuring of the House and Senate. But still watch to see how President Obama and his team choose to frame and promote health care as they approach a month in which there won’t be any congressional action.

2. Watch for developments on health care’s movement in the House, particularly in the Energy and Commerce Committee. Chair Henry Waxman continues his negotiations with the committee’s fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats, so watch to see if they’re able to reach some kind of agreement before the end of the week and head into recess with a plan that’s ready to go to the House floor in September.

3. Watch to see what choices broadcast and cable news executives make about what weekend stories to hold onto in the early part of this week and which ones to move on from. In particular, watch to see if they continue to promote Joe Biden’s comments on Russia, the Skip Gates story and Sarah Palin officially stepping down. Watch to see what other stories emerge in the week ahead.

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