Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Wednesday, July 22.

1. Watch to see how the White House sets expectations in the run up to tonight’s presidential press conference on health care. He’s scheduled to speak at 8 pm ET from the White House, so the day will be filled with anticipation of the big event tonight. There’s lots of talk about whether Obama will make any new news on health care or is just going to continue pushing the country and Congress. Watch to see if there are an clues during the day or what he’ll say. Of course, also watch to see if the president makes any news in the presser tonight.

2. Watch to see how the president handles himself in tonight’s presser. Watch to see what he does to try to move things along, whether he chooses to frame issues in new ways and bring up new details or opts to stick to the same talking points he’s had on health care in his statements and interviews over the last few days. Also watch to see what kinds of questions he gets.

3. Watch to see what kind of impact the president’s presser has on the inside game in Washington. Watch for the reaction of members of Congress — especially Democrats — who he needs to come together for there to be real progress before the August recess.

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