Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Wednesday, July 1.

1. Watch the White House’s continued attempts to get more support for health care reform. The president is holding a town hall meeting this afternoon in Northern Virginia, where he’ll take questions from the audience and from various internet sources. Watch to see what kinds of questions he gets and how he answers them. Watch to see what else the administration does today to drum up public support for health reform.

2. Watch the discussion in response to the results of two big polls on health care released today. A Quinnipiac poll found 69% of Americans want a public option to be included in the plan that passes Congress, while a CNN/ORC poll has 51% supporting the president’s health care plan. Watch to see how those statistics and others are received by the media and by members of Congress hoping to get a better pulse on where Americans stand on reform.

3. Watch to see what kind of coalition-building the White House is able to do on health care. Wal-Mart announced on Tuesday that, with some conditions, it will support an employer mandate for health care. Watch to see if other companies follow suit or otherwise voice support or objections to the kind of health care reform the president wants to sign into law.

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