Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Thursday, June 11.

1. Watch President Obama in Wisconsin today, starting his big push on health care reform. He’s set to hold a town hall this afternoon in Green Bay, focusing his prepared remarks on getting average Americans on board for large scale reform. It’s clear that health care is a major goal for this year and for the whole Obama presidency, so this is a key battle for him to win. Watch to see if this event and others like it that the president does in the days to come are able to start a national dialogue on health care to pressure Congress to move quickly in coming to a compromise and passing a bill.

2. Watch the fights between Democrats on the health bill. The two big issues they’re debating are how to pay for whatever program is put in place and whether there should be a public option. Watch to see if there are any new ideas or any moves toward consensus in the days and weeks to come.

3. Watch to see the Republican rhetoric on health reform. Watch to see if Republicans talk about trying to find a solution and to work with the president — which a lot of them already do quietly and privately — or if the prevailing force in the party will come from those who say they just want to stop whatever the president wants to do rather than agreeing to find some final ground.

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