Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Wednesday, June 10.

1. Watch to see if anything new comes out of the White House on health care today. Some details of House Democrats’ plan began to emerge yesterday as the party’s leadership on the issue began sharing its plans with rank-and-file members and Senate Democrats said yesterday they’ll begin discussing their bill in committee next week. Watch to see if the president begins to do more to dominate this issue as it advances on the Hill.

2. Watch for news out of the administration on the financial sector. The White House is expected to announce it’s dropping its plan to cap the salaries of executives receiving bailout money. Other developments on oversight reform are expected soon. Watch to see if there’s any action, or at least hints of coming action, today and in days to come.

3. Watch the debate over the budget deficit and the national debt. The president asked Congress yesterday to restore the PAYGO rule, figuring out how to pay for new programs before enacting them. It comes in contrast with a lot of big spending initiatives he’s been pushing since coming into office, so there has been substantial pushback from Republicans and Democrats alike. Watch to see where the discussion goes and whether Obama will make more attempts to show fiscal restraint.

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