Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Friday, May 1.

1. Watch the first Supreme Court debate of the Obama administration now that it sounds like Justice Souter will retire in the next few weeks. Watch to see what kind of markers conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans — as well as more conservative ones — lay down about what kind of person the president should nominate. Watch to see if there are clues that Republicans will vigorously challenge Obama’s choice and if the GOP can define this fight in a way that the party can make some gains even if the nominee is confirmed.

2. Watch to the see if there’s any tension between the president and the vice president today coming off of yesterday’s Biden gaffe about avoiding “confined places” during the swine flu outbreak. They have several events together today, including a noon lunch in the Oval Office and ceremonial swearing-in ceremonies for Gary Locke and Kathleen Sebelius at 4:30 pm ET. Watch to see what they say and what their body language is like with each other.

3. Watch the economy. There’s lots of economic news out today, as well as plenty of discussion about the president’s economic agenda and the auto industry in light of Chrysler’s bankruptcy announcement yesterday. Watch to see what happens today and throughout the weekend.

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