Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in politics for Tuesday, March 17.

1.  Watch to see how the AIG matter plays out.  The news that the company plans to go ahead with millions of dollars in bonuses to its top execs dominated the news over the weekend as well as on Monday, with Obama directly taking the company on and ordering Treasury Secretary Giethner to use all legal means possible to stop the bonuses from going through.  Watch to see what facts emerge there and how various players react.

2. Keep an eye on how the Obama administration is generally dealing with the question of whether they are going to be consumed by the populist rage going on about AIG and over the economic situation in general.  The Washington Post is following it, there is a New York Times story dealing with this question of whether the administration is going to be able to harness their anger to move forward its legislative agenda or whether it will lose traction moving its agenda because of all the anger.

3.  Watch the question of how the president is communicating using that big bully pulpit.  We all know  the first sitting president is believed to be appearing on The Tonight Show Thursday night. But also under discussion are other ways for the president to try to communicate more regularly with a mass audience.

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