Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Friday, January 16.
1. Watch as Barack Obama heads to Ohio to talk about his plans for the economy. He’ll be visiting the Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Company in Bedford Heights at 1 pm ET. Watch for our first glimpse of what he can do out in the country as president, talking to real Americans and all the symbolism that entails. See what kind of relationship he begins to establish with the public in his efforts to be persuasive on the economy.

2. Watch the economic news. There’s lots going on in the banking world and the economy at large, with Citigroup posting more than $8 billion in fourth quarter losses and Bank of America getting an additional $20 billon from the TARP program. Watch to see what happens going forward and what the general mood is on the economy.
3. Watch the confirmation battles. Though no Obama nominee seems headed toward rejection, watch the process as they testify before Senate committees and go up for confirmation votes in those committees. Eric Holder’s attorney general hearings before the judiciary committee continue today at 10 am ET.

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