Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Wednesday, January 14.

  1. Watch Tim Geithner’s nomination for treasury secretary. See if the information publicized yesterday causes more difficulties than just bad press. The current president of the New York Fed acknowledged to the Senate that he had failed to pay almost $43,000 in taxes while working at the International Monetary Fund but had since repaid what he owed. He also disclosed his part-time housekeeper’s work authorization expired during her employment. But it’s likely the nomination will get back on track. With the economy sputtering along, it seems like Republicans and Democrats want him to be confirmed. Watch to see if his confirmation ends up being smooth sailing.
  2. Watch to see what happens on the president-elect’s attempts to get Republicans on board for his economic proposals. Republican Sen. David Vitter introduced a resolution of disapproval to block the release of the second $350 billion of the TARP, as requested by Obama on Monday. Democrats seem to be falling in line and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he has enough votes to get the billions released, but it’s still unclear where Republicans stand on this and other economic plans from the incoming administration. Watch to see what kind of progress Obama and other Democrats can make with Republicans on the economy this week and beyond.
  3. Watch for more announcements about Inaugural Weekend. Several star-studded concerts and history-inspired events have been announced, but there are still a lot of details to be filled in about next week’s events. Watch to see if there are any big surprises coming – perhaps as early as today – about who is going to participate in inauguration events.
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