Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Wednesday, December 17.

1. Watch the Caroline Kennedy story.  She’s traveling to upstate New York today to increase her visibility. Watch to see if she continues her momentum, particularly as she’s out dealing with real people and officials from around New York State, not just New York City.
2. Watch President-elect Obama. He’s holding another press conference today at 11:45 am ET in Chicago. He’s expected to nominate two more people for big cabinet jobs — former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack to be agriculture secretary and Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar as interior secretary. Watch to see what kinds of questions he gets.
3. Watch the economy. There’s still lots of swirling negative news and lots of concern. Yesterday the Fed lowered the target rate for federal funds to the lowest level ever and the Dow responded with a 350 point surge. Stocks gained in Asia and Europe today, too. Watch to see what happens with the markets. Also watch to see if the White House, the Obama transition or members of Congress take any additional steps toward helping the automakers, or dealing with other economic problems during this tough time.

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