Mark Halperin’s Three Things

1. Watch the Blagojevich story. Watch to see what the embattled Illinois governor does. Also look for more developments in the investigation by Patrick Fitzgerald. The state’s legislature is returning to Springfield for a special session today to sort out how to fill Obama’s senate seat and, perhaps, what to do with the governor. Also watch for more news on Obama team’s possible entanglements with the governor and his staff. President-elect Obama has promised more details into his camp’s interactions but has yet to release anything new.
2. Watch Obama’s press conference to unveil his environmental and energy team. He is expected to announce Steven Chu as his pick for energy secretary, Lisa Jackson to head the EPA, Nancy Sutley to head the White House Council on Environmental Quality and Carol Browner to lead a new policy council coordinating energy, environment and climate change issues. Watch to see what he says about them and his overall environmental plan. Also listen for the president-elect to say something more about the Blagojevich scandal.
3. Watch the economy. There’s lots of strange and bad economic news out there — micro and macro — and the Fed is meeting today and tomorrow, with expectations that they’ll cut interest rates by as much as half a percentage point. Watch to see how much the national media in particular latches onto the economic story and how that impacts what goes on with the White House, the Obama transition and Congress.

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