Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Friday, November 21.

  1. Watch Hillary Clinton, now that it seems like she really will be the Obama administration’s secretary of state. Watch to see who will work with her at the State Department. What kind of decisions will she be allowed to make? Who will she pursue to serve with her in key positions there?
  2. Watch the rest of the national security team being fleshed out. Most bets are that Robert Gates will stay on as defense secretary, with him undergoing vetting by the Obama transition team. Watch the other key national security posts to get a sense of what kind of team will be put together, how they will work with each other and where the power centers will be.
  3. Watch what Congress will actually do on the economic front in this lame duck session. There’s been lots of back-and-forth between the Democrats, the Bush administration, the incoming Obama administration and the auto industry. Democratic leaders asked the automakers to provide a plan for survival by December 2, calling it a precondition to an auto bailout bill. Also watch what goes on in Congress on the rest of the economic front. Watch to see if there’s any clarity on this Friday about what Congress may get done — or whether they’ll get anything done — and watch to see what the implications may be.
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