Evening News Roundup

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Networks led with politics, focusing on Obama’s infomercial and McCain’s continued aggressive attacks.

Programs noted the infomercial on seven networks will cost Obama $100,000 a minute, a sign of his “real advertising muscle.” ABC then moved into Charlie Gibson interview with the candidate, resuming the interview at the end of the program.

NBC mentioned McCain’s counter-attack against Obama’s TV ad, saying it was “paid for by broken promises” as Obama reversed his original pledge to spend only public campaign funds. Programs said McCain essentially threw the kitchen sink at Obama in Florida, referencing everything from Bin Laden and taxes to Iraq. ABC said it was some of McCain’s harshest words yet on national security. Programs also looked ahead to Obama’s rally with Bill Clinton. CBS said the two have “put down their swords” after months of frosty ties; NBC said they speak on the phone frequently. NBC also had package on early voting “rumors, myths and threats” that may keep people away from the polls this year. CBS offered final “Presidential Questions,” asking McCain and Obama when they’ve fired people and about their favorite books. Read transcript here.

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