Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Monday, September 22:

1. All three things today relate to the financial crisis — which will likely continue to dominate the news this week. First, keep an eye on whether the Bush Administration can keep things on a fast track and get a bailout deal headed toward completion with Congress or whether the deal might be derailed from the Left and the Right. So far all sides have gone after the size of the proposal an some of what’s in it and what is not in it. Bush announced his hard line this morning — let’s see where the deal goes from there.

2. Next, watch the two presidential candidates and what they say about the government bailout deal for the economic crisis. Both Obama and McCain have raised reservations — particularly on the need for oversight of Paulson and the implementation of the agenda. Watch to see if either one gets on board or if either one takes a bold position in opposition to the deal as it’s currently outlined.

3. Finally, watch to see — as we have been saying — whether the two presidential campaigns try to drive any other message unrelated to the economy. There’s some new ads up this morning that indicated the campaigns are trying to move on and talk about other things. Watch to see if they try to do that moreso today and if so, whether that breaks through the economic news dominating the campaign coverage.

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