Evening News Roundup

Various Networks

All three networks led with lengthy segments on the economic woes.

ABC: Led with “dark day” on Wall Street, calling it “all a bit dizzying.” 15 minutes in covered candidates’ responses saying neither explained how they would fix things and instead threw punches at each other. Noted Obama “seized” on McCain’s “fundamentals are strong” remark.

CBS: Led with coverage of the financial market turmoil. Continued by outlining how the presidential candidates played on the issue. Also mentioned Palin’s solo day on the stump, continuing her unwillingness to take questions from the traveling press.

NBC: Broadcasting live from CNBC’s headquarters, led with financial “meltdown.” 15 minutes in, covered candidates’ responses, including Obama calling the turmoil the “worst in nearly 80 years,” McCain looking at “the U.S. economic glass as half full.” Detailed the candidates’ stances on financial bailouts, government regulation.

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