Palin Talks to ABC News About Her National Security Credentials


Charlie Gibson conducts first of three interviews with the vice presidential candidate, focused on national security. Watch video above.

TIME’s Gibbs and Poniewozik appraise Palin’s first encounter with the mainstream media.

AP: “Sarah Palin proposed NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine, at risk of putting the U.S. in conflict with Russia, and declared her readiness for high office Thursday as she took a cautious step out of the protective bubble she’s been in since joining John McCain’s ticket.”

Palin appears unfamiliar with the Bush Doctrine.

Gibson: Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?
Palin: In what respect, Charlie?
Gibson: What do you interpret it to be?
Palin: His worldview?
Gibson: No, the Bush Doctrine. Enunciated September 2002, before the Iraq War.

Watch the exchange, and read it here.

Also discuss Russia’s invasion of Georgia. Palin says the U.S. would “perhaps” need to fight Russia if Georgia joined NATO and Russia invaded the country again. Read the full exchange.

Also acknowledges she has not met a foreign head of state, and had not left North America before becoming governor.

Read more excerpts from Palin’s first TV interview as VP nominee.

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