Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Friday, September 5:

1)   Watch to see if the McCain-Palin campaign can keep whatever momentum they built up in St. Paul going into the post-convention period. The duo will make a stop in Wisconsin before heading to the home of the fabled Reagan Democrats— Macomb County, Michigan. The post-convention period has traditionally been a time when campaigns have been able to get the convention bounce super-charged, we’ll see if the McCain-Palin campaign is able to do that.

2)   Watch now as the Obama-Biden campaign moves back into center stage, along with McCain-Palin. The Democrats largely took a back seat to the GOP over last week, as the new Republican ticket was announced and then headed into its four-day convention. Opening the final sprint leading to November, watch to see what kind of message both campaigns try to drive on this first day of the true general election.

3)   Watch the media. There will be a lot of hunger for new polling in the race, now that both conventions are over. An ABC News poll out today shows a country not convinced that Sarah Palin has the right experience to serve effectively. Continue to watch to see how the media characterizes the race. Is it a tied race, or is it described as a race where Obama still has a significant, if small, lead.

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