Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Thursday, September 4:

1. Watch the reaction to GOP veep candidate Sarah Palin’s speech. It played very well in the hall with most pundits and electrified the crowd on the second night of speakers at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. Watch to see though, what we see today about the reaction to it. Keep an eye on the political fallout.

2. Watch John McCain’s big nomination acceptance speech tonight in St. Paul. Watch to see if he is able to give the proverbial speech of a lifetime tonight. Keep an eye on the message McCain drives and whether he’s able to connect to the American people in a way he’s never done before. It will be required for him tonight — and that’s no easy task.

3. Keep an eye on the Obama campaign. They’ve been very good in the past at stepping on big, exciting, positive news from their political opponents. Watch to see how they try to frame things tonight and whether they tip their hand to something that they may try to keep the convention bounce from helping John McCain position himself well in the final stretch.

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