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All three shows led with McCain’s upcoming acceptance speech.

ABC: Led with look ahead to McCain’s speech focusing on “bipartisanship and change.” Noted it will be his sixth convention speech, played video of his 1988 address, also said battleground state delegations were moved to the front of the hall. Mentioned large audience for Palin’s speech, and gauged viewer reaction in Ohio and Virginia, in which Republican voters seemed to respond very favorably to Palin. Stephanopoulos said Palin is helping unify the GOP and sparking energy and donations in both parties, but McCain must connect on the economy. Next package looked at Obama’s reaction to the convention and played clips from his presser, including claim that speakers are not addressing economic anxiety. Another of Brian Ross’ reports looked at corporate influence over the convention, calling it a “complete contradiction” of McCain’s message of campaign finance reform.

CBS: Led with preview of McCain’s acceptance speech. Described his mood as “relaxed” and stage changes to put him at ease.  Recapped Palin speech and Obama-Biden responses, including defense of community organizers. Ran package on low number of minorities at the RNC, Michael Steele said the party has “dropped the ball.” Jeff Greenfield broke down Palin speech, saying she used “humor,” “folksy language” and “small town” appeal effectively.  Ran package on importance of undecided women voters. Bob Schieffer said the Palin speech “galvanized” the far right, Greenfield said McCain needs to “look into the future” in his speech, and Dan Bartlett said “the fundamentals of this race still favor the Democrats.” Also detailed new CBS News poll.

NBC: Led with a preview of McCain’s acceptance speech, saying he’ll talk much more about domestic issues than expected, will have a lighter touch than Palin when going after Obama — he’ll be less punchy, take the higher road. Covered reax to Palin speech, calling her address “poised and feisty.” Said the duo will campaign together for the next few days, split off next week. Still unknown when she’ll do media interviews. . Did package on how women are perceiving Palin’s candidacy. Said Obama couldn’t escape questions on response to Palin’s speech, adding he “laughed off” the criticism as name calling. Previewed upcoming weeks, saying big factoes are the first debate, Palin’s potential appeal to white women, who could swing the election.

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