Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Wednesday, August 27:
1.      Watch Joe Biden’s big speech tonight. The Senator has been in the national spotlight for more than 30 years – but tonight will be his biggest moment by far. We haven’t heard much from Senator Biden since he was picked to be Barack Obama’s running mate. Tonight will be somewhat overshadowed by the Bill Clinton drama, but watch Biden’s speech. He’s one of the best speakers in the Democratic party— if he pulls this off and gives a good speech, the trajectory of this successful but not blow-away convention could truly change.

2)  Pay attention to Bill Clinton, speaking under tonight’s theme “Securing America’s Future.” His remarks tonight will tell us more about the state of the Clinton-Obama relationship and Senator Clinton’s Tuesday remarks. Watch what Number 42 says, how he says it, and how it’s received by the country.

3)   Watch for any indications of the strategy the Obama campaign will use to get as big a bounce as possible from this convention. Pay particularly close attention to the question of what negative frame the Obama camp wants to adopt to go after John McCain. Will it be that McCain is like Bush, will it be that McCain is dangerous, will it be that his policies are risky? Whatever it is, watch for a clearer sense of how they want to drive a negative frame against McCain over the next couple of months.

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