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ABC: Led with Americans driving less in response to high fuel prices. Four minutes in, recapped the candidates’ day focused on energy and the economy, said they seem to be running toward the political center. Matthew Dowd said they appear to prefer talking about other topics. Report said to expect to see McCain talking more about drilling in the future, and Obama about middle-class tax cuts. Also recapped McCain’s dermatological procedure, and Obama’s sore hip. In an interview from Baghdad, Gen. Petraeus said he had “good exchanges” with Obama, and said the Senator did acknowledge improvements in Iraq. But asked about Obama’s response to the surge, Petraeus said he seeks to avoid minefields of every kind — including political.

CBS: Led with White House projection of federal deficit including candidates’ reactions. Followed with package on Obama and McCain economic plans. Covered Obama’s roundtable, highlighting Warren Buffet’s input. Recapped McCain’s push for offshore drilling during visit to oil derrick.

NBC: Williams broadcast from Tehran, spent lengthy first chunk of broadcast airing interview with Ahmadinejad, who recognized a U.S. Shift toward his country, said they have been at the table for talks. 11 minutes in, mentioned McCain’s growth removed from his cheek. Then, covered veepstakes, listing the usual suspects. Said surprise picks for Obama would be Kaine, Nunn. Said McCain has narrowed it down to Romney, Portman, Pawlenty; his surprise pick would be Ridge.

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