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Massive coverage of Obama’s trip, with meta-references to all the coverage of the trip.

ABC: Led with Obama brining his “star power” to Iraq, and sit-down interview with Terry Moran. Recapped McCain’s day, said he had trouble keeping focus on his domestic agenda due to questions about Obama and his trip. Played clip of new McCain ad on gas prices. Said McCain heads to several battleground states this week, plus a trip to Louisiana for an undisclosed event Thursday designed to “capture some of the attention” going to Obama. Stephanopoulos said Obama’s trip has been successful to date, though it may cost him to spend so much time on foreign policy when voters care most about the economy.

CBS: Led with Obama’s Middle East trip with Couric in Amman, Jordan. Covered Iraqi officials call for a timetable similar to Obama’s. Recapped McCain’s appearance with Bush 41 and his response to Obama’s trip, also said it “just isn’t his week” for media attention. Mentioned the New York Times rejection of McCain op-ed, as well as Condoleezza Rice’s memo to embassies urging minimal aid to candidates. Outlined remainder of Obama’s overseas trip, said it was going to be “more than just a series of photo-ops.”

NBC: Led with Obama in Iraq, said he and Gen. Petraeus had an “animated exchange” at dinner over troop withdrawal where they “agreed to disagree.” Noted Iraqi leaders appearing to agree with Obama’s timetable. Said commanders briefed Obama about the improved situation on the ground, said cooperation with Iraqi military still in progress. Next, covered McCain’s focus on economy as part of domestic issue push to contrast Obama abroad. Highlighted morning interviews, negative ad against Obama, presser with Bush 41, battle with NY Times over op-ed.

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