Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Thursday, July 10:

1)Keep an eye on Clinton and Obama together before cameras in New York City again, attending a breakfast this morning held by Women for Obama and the DNC Women’s Leadership Forum. The two appeared together at a dinner last night with mostly Clinton supporters, bringing in $4.1 million for the Obama camp. The Land of Lincolner had a slight faux pas, leaping back on stage after his final curtain call after forgetting to ask donors for help with Clinton’s debt. Watch the interaction between them today, and pay attention to whether the press emphasizes more unity or picks up on any lingering tensions between them that are on display.

2) Take note of Iran with another set of missile tests. The country launched a second round of long-range missiles overnight in an effort to show Iran can defend itself against attacks by the U.S. or Israel. The tests come hours after Secretary of State Rice warned Iran that Washington will not back down in the face of threats against Israel. Watch to see how that plays out on the campaign trail and at the White House.

3) And finally, the comments of Jesse Jackson. Jackson appeared on several morning TV shows today after his crude criticism of Obama. He has apologized to Obama, calling his remarks “ugly and unnecessary. Watch to see how Obama handles the issue today, and whether it dies out as a one-day story or whether it continues into the afternoon and beyond.

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