Evening News Roundup

All three broadcasts featured interviews with McCain.

On ABC, McCain called for tough sanctions against Iran, said it appears Obama has shifted on FISA, public finance and other issues. Criticized him for backing off town hall idea.

On CBS, said Iran missile tests are “part of a calculated plan” and called for “very tough” sanctions. Stressed importance of “controlling spending and discipline” and downplayed significance of recent staff changes.

On NBC, reiterated stance on Iran, saying, “We cannot allow a second holocaust.” Said he thinks the economy “is certainly in a dire situation.”

ABC: Broadcast led with Kennedy’s return to the Senate and his warm embrace there. Four minutes later aired McCain interview, followed by report on Jackson’s “rather vulgar” comments on Obama, and his son’s sharp criticism. Played tape of Jackson saying Obama “talked down to black people,” and said he wanted to rip off “a sensitive part of (Obama’s) anatomy.” Also played clip of Obama telling young people they probably won’t be rap stars. Mentioned Obama’s trip to NYC with Clinton.

CBS: Led with Iranian missile tests, interview with McCain followed. Twenty minutes in, covered Ted Kennedy’s Senate return to “thunderous applause.”

NBC: Led with Iranian missile tests, included Obama and McCain reactions. Covered passage of “controversial” FISA bill. Described “genuine moment of bipartisan affection” when Kennedy returned to the Senate floor. Andrea Mitchell covered “very crude comments” made by Rev. Jackson and subsequent apology. Twenty minutes in, ran interview with McCain.

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