Mark Halperin’s Three Things

Mark Halperin’s three things to watch for in presidential politics for Wednesday, July 2:

1) Watch as Barack Obama talks about service in the Centennial State this morning. The Illinois Senator will unveil his comprehensive national service agenda to members of the service community and residents of Colorado Springs today. The campaign got very good coverage for Obama’s talk about expanding government faith-based programs on Tuesday. Watch to see if the Obama camp will unfurl another big national address, and if it can get the kind of coverage it’s looking for.

2) Keep an eye on John McCain, who is overseas in Colombia again today. McCain landed in Cartegena Tuesday evening and spoke to Colombian President Utribe about human rights, free trade and drugs. He also topped some of the morning shows with a live interview. The Arizonan has a long day ahead; he will tour a Colombian port to survey drug interdiction programs, meet with cabinet ministers, business leaders, and hold a media availability before leaving Wednesday afternoon for Mexico City. McCain’s foreign trip also getting some pretty good coverage — along with some great photo ops. Watch to see how he does today there.

3) See if anything new develops on the Gen. Wes Clark front. The back-and-forth began Sunday with the Obama surrogate’s comments disparaging McCain’s military service as a qualification for president on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” Since then the McCain camp has made sure to keep it in the news cycle and has accused Obama of coordinating the attacks against McCain’s record. The Obama camp has said it has done no such thing and has distanced itself from Clark. It’s one of the few stories we’ve had lately where press coverage generally seems to be siding with the Republicans and not the Democrats. Watch to see if the Wes Clark story dies down or if it stays alive for another day running.

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