Wooing Independents

McCain and Obama camps working to attract independent and opposite-party voters to their sides.


Holds afternoon “virtual town hall” by telephone with Carly Fiorina targeting independents and Democrats.

Touts his “record of reaching across the aisle,” frequently mentions Clinton and his respect for her.

“I congratulate her on her campaign, and I know she will continue to play a key role in the future of this nation.” Calls her “a role model and a motivator.”

Touches wide range of other topics, from Iraq to energy to spending. Also praises Gov. Jindal’s school legislation in Louisiana.

Asked about abortion, says Roe V. Wade “was a bad decision” and says “the rights of the unborn are as important as the rights of the born.”

Campaign Saturday also highlights news of Wisconsin Clinton delegate defecting to McCain, and releases list of prominent independent and Democratic supporters.


Issues memo seeking to tie McCain to Bush and stressing his opposition to abortion rights.

Also holds conference call with MI Gov. Granholm and FL Rep. Wasserman Schultz.

Wasserman Schultz: “The depth of Sen. McCain’s deceit… cannot be overstated.” “A classic example of someone whose voting record is extreme right, yet… pretends to be a moderate.”

Granholm: McCain’s platform is “antithetical to the causes that Sen. Clinton and many women have fought for.”

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