Obama Pummels McCain on Social Security


In a town hall with seniors in Columbus, Ohio the Democrat accuses his opponent of supporting Bush’s private Social Security accounts– and then denying it.

“You know, John McCain has proposed a series of debates, and I’m looking forward to having them. But when it comes to Social Security, he might want to finish the debate with himself first.”

Read his full speech.

Michelle Obama introduces her husband, praising her own mother and the security she has from her mother’s late husband’s pension. Audience includes Ohio Gov. Strickland.

McCain camp anticipates the event with a statement: “Barack Obama likes to think that his tax increases will only hit a few Americans, but in truth, his economic plan will be a disaster for everyone, especially seniors.” Read it here.

McCain camp holds afternoon media call with former Rep. Rob Portman and senior policy adviser Doug Holtz-Eakin to respond.

Portman says “raising taxes in this weak economy is a pretty dangerous course,” particularly for seniors.

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