The Next Battle


As McCain prepares to ceremonially kick off his general election campaign, adviser Steve Schmidt unloads on Obama on morning television.

On MSNBC, hits the Senator on judgment, experience and all around “toughness.” Watch video clip here.

On the farm bill: Obama “wasn’t tough enough to stand up and put the American people ahead of the special interests.”

On Mideast peace: “Senator Obama pursues a path that would make the region more dangerous, and makes the world more dangerous.”

On meeting with Iran’s leaders: “Is Sen. Obama so arrogant that he believes that he will charm his way into getting the Iranians to change their policies?”

On CNN, dismisses Obama’s claim that McCain would offer “a third Bush term,” citing Iraq, Katrina response and the energy bill:

“Sen. McCain has disagreed on issue after issue with President Bush over the last eight years. He is his own man.”

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