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All three networks led with McClellan’s bombshell memoir.

ABC: Led with coverage of the “absolutely brutal” charges from “one of the President’s most trusted aides.” Next, package said McCain and Obama are essentially ignoring Clinton, said she made an exaggerated claim that “every” poll considers her a tougher opponent against McCain. Clip of Rendell saying it’s “very unlikely that Sen. Clinton can prevail.” Stephanopoulos said half the Michigan/Florida delegates will be seated, leaving Obama 3-4 dozen delegates away from clinching the nomination. Brian Ross reported on a free trip to a Hawaiian resort by Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) financed by a fundraiser arranged by an aviation lobbying group.

CBS: Led with “huge firestorm” touched off by McClellan. Ari Fleischer said McClellan told him the publisher “tweaked” his writing; the publisher claimed every word was McClellan’s. Campaign Notebook included McCain hitting Obama on Iraq, Clinton at Mt. Rushmore and her letter to superdelegates.

NBC: Spent about first 10 minutes on McClellan book. Called it the “shot heard round Washington” because of his criticism of Bush on Iraq, overall credibility. Robert Draper said book is out of character for McClellan, suggested publisher may have pushed him. Reported insiders say CIA leak case played big role in his writing it. Brokaw defended media on McClellan charge that they let Bush get away with going to Iraq, said “the President was determined to go to war” calling it “theology” with a lot of the facts being “unknowable.”

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