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CBS was the only network to lead with Campaign ’08.

ABC: Led with climbing gas prices. Next, recapped the day’s political events, saying Obama is acting as if the nomination is his. Included Obama putting his wife off-limits on “GMA.” Second package looked at McCain’s challenge as he backs an unpopular war and tries to shake off Bush’s legacy. Included SNL clip. Next, brief update on Sen. Kennedy’s health.

CBS: Led with McCain-Obama “war of words” over Iran. Included Obama’s comments about his wife on GMA. Political block also included resignations of ex-lobbyists from McCain campaign, SNL clip. Skeptical package looked at Clinton’s continued claim to be the popular vote winner, concluding “the superdelegates aren’t buying it.”

NBC: Led with new pictures from China earthquake. Then, covered McCain’s lobbyist policy, his challenging Obama to match it. Noted Obama stepping up his criticism despite lobbyists on his campaign, Charlie Black speaking to reporters. Obama-Clinton package on Obama’s record-breaking crowd, his “almost declaring victory” and Clinton’s rebuke. Mentioned Obama’s “laying the ground rules” on attacking wife in campaign, Obama-McCain back and forth on Iran. Said Obama is in Iowa Tuesday “to finish what he started” by getting majority of elected delegates. Mentioned White House letter to NBC, gave Kennedy health update.

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