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ABC, CBS, NBC pushed the envelope and reported some Clinton insiders believe the race is over.

CBS: Reported “several top advisers are suggesting to Hillary Clinton that she stay in through West Virginia, Kentucky and Oregon and then in two weeks, gracefully bow out.” Also reported that “one of the Clintons’ top strategists told CBS News that he had told Senator Clinton, ‘You can’t win this nomination.’”

NBC: Reported that prominent Clinton supporters say they are looking for an exit strategy before June 3 “to protect her political future and her husband’s legacy.”

Also on the evening news programs:

ABC: Led with politics, looking at “bleak” developments for Clinton. Mentioned loan to her campaign, McGovern endorsement, Feinstein comments. Said she met “furtively” with seven superdels in DC. Second package on Obama winning Clinton superdelegate, Plouffe’s memo, plans for rallies geared toward the general election. Stephanopoulos said players are now waiting for Clinton’s next move, outlined possible exit scenarios, including getting the veep slot.

CBS: After cyclone report, news of advice to Clinton from “top advisers.” Report also mentioned Obama’s weaknesses Tuesday, especially with blue-collar voters. Jeff Greenfield looked at media reaction to Clinton, mentioned Feinstein’s comments, examined exit paths. Then, brief mention of voter asking McCain about his temper.

NBC: Led with Tuesday’s contests, saying Obama is “tantalizingly close” to winning nomination. Noted Clinton was back on her feet in West Virginia, has her own timetable for the race. Mentioned her loan to campaign, said by law she can put up her half ($25 million) of their joint assets. Said she tried to woo supers but some have doubts (including Feinstein) . Russert weighed in, laid out the delegate math, said “it’s just not doable.” Covered McCain courting conservatives/independents simultaneously, teased Thursday “Today” interview with Cindy McCain.

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