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Fox: 48% in Indiana and in North Carolina say Rev. Wright was “very” or “somewhat” important to their vote.

Watch video above. Read more from Fox here.

CNN: Among black voters in Indiana: Obama 92%, Clinton 8%; Among black voters in North Carolina: Obama 91%, Clinton 6%.

About half of Clinton voters in both states said they would not vote for Obama in November. Most Obama supporters would vote for Clinton in both states. More from CNN here.

ABC: Voters made up their minds earlier than in some other states. Read more.

CBS: Half of voters in both states valued the ability to bring change most; less than a quarter valued experience most. Read more.

AP: Two-thirds of Democratic voters in Indiana and nearly as many in North Carolina said the economy is the biggest issue. Read more.

MSNBC breaks down early voters: 37% white women, 30% over 60, 39% college grads, 7% first time voters

To know why “caution” is no ordinary word in the North Carolina and Indiana exit polls– click here.

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