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ABC, CBS lead with Obama’s break with Rev. Wright.

ABC: Led with Obama’s “point-by-point” denunciation of Rev. Wright’s comments. Stephanopoulos said Wright had been a “mortal threat” to Obama, and his comments worried superdelegates and “really teed off” the Senator. Noted that Clinton, meanwhile, is continuing strongly in Indiana and North Carolina.

CBS: Called Obama’s press conference “major damage control” after Wright’s remarks Monday “struck a nerve” with the Senator. Jeff Greenfield said Obama’s firm distancing was necessary, given the harm Wright was causing. Package on Bush’s press conference noted that Obama disagrees with McCain and Clinton on the gas tax suspension. Report quoted a “senior administration official” predicting that Congress will do little to advance the idea.

NBC: Led with economic woes, Bush’s presser. Showed NBC/WSJ poll numbers on presidential approval rate, economy. Noted Clinton, McCain, Obama quarrel over gas tax. Then moved to Obama making it clear Rev. Wright was “out the door.” Showed several soundbites, contrasted it with when he “casually dismissed” the remarks Monday. Russert weighed in, said issues raise “big question mark” about his relationship with Wright. Said he’s trying to prove himself to undecided voters in Indiana, North Carolina and undecided supers.

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