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Broadcasts led with gas prices and rebate checks. Rev. Wright coverage stressed ongoing damage he may be inflicting on Obama.

ABC: Recapped Wright and reactions he prompted, noting April has been a bad month for Obama. Package said Obama has shifted stump style to counter “elitist” charge– he now stresses his humble origins and similarities with ordinary voters. News of Bingaman and Easley endorsements, and tough reaction from Democrats to Supreme Court decision on ID laws.

CBS: Looked back at Wright’s speech, noting roadblock cable coverage and the headache it poses for Obama. Mentioned Easley’s Clinton endorsement, but not Bingaman’s nod to Obama. Brief news of Supreme Court decision.

NBC: Called Rev. Wright’s speech an “unwelcome distraction for Obama,” who is trying to reach out to blue-collar voters. Noted Obama distancing himself, Wright being “defiant,” Clinton refusing to comment, McCain bringing it up. Mentioned endorsements — Bingaman for Obama, North Carolina governor expected for Clinton, both still wooing Elizabeth, John Edwards. Highlighted Supreme Court ruling on voter ID law in Indiana, cited ruling saying argument it disenfranchises some wasn’t enough to overcome state’s interest in discouraging fraud.

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