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ABC: Politics block led with Obama’s claim that his rivals are partly to blame for high gas prices, as well as Clinton’s tough response. Mentioned Obama’s attempt to defuse “elitist” charge by citing his humble background. Package looked at potential challenges facing Obama, including race and the gap between primary and general election voters. Second package looked at McCain’s tour “behind Democratic lines” in places he is unlikely to win many votes.

NBC: Led with the “showdown in Indiana,” calling the contest a “jump ball” with both needing a win — Clinton to keep up her momentum, Obama to prove he can win with white working class voters. Said that while demographics are similar to Ohio, Pennsylvania, which favored Clinton, the state’s proximity to Illinois and the African American urban areas could boost Obama. Touched on Obama responding to Wright’s PBS interview, Clyburn’s comments on B. Clinton.

CBS: Led with “sky high price of gasoline,” touching on McCain calling for suspension of gas tax for summer, Clinton considering same thing, Obama blaming Washington establishment. Said test for Obama is connecting with blue-collar voters. Mentioned Obama attack ads from GOP, third parties, him pushing back on “elitist” characterization by bringing up his background. Called Indiana a “must win” for Clinton, adding she wouldn’t comment on her next step if she loses.

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