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Networks led with results, impact of Pennsylvania primary.

ABC: Said Obama and Clinton made “almost opposite arguments” Wednesday, with Obama stressing delegates and Clinton stressing electability. Noted Clinton’s claim to have won the most votes overall, but said virtually no one else includes Michigan and Florida totals. Mary Beth Cahill and Tad Devine lent analysis.

CBS: Looked ahead to races in Indiana and North Carolina. Played clip of anti-Obama ad from North Carolina GOP, said it could offer “a little taste” of negative campaigning to come. Noted McCain’s request to stop the ad, but said past requests have not worked. Second package looked at Clinton’s fundraising, said her inclusion of Michigan, Florida vote totals is “somewhat dubious.” Greenfield broke down Pennsylvania numbers, stressing that late-deciders are a problem for Obama.

NBC: Led with exact size of Clinton’s Pennsylvania win: 9.4 points. Said she “got what she needed” to move on to North Carolina, Indiana, noted her money surge, debt. Said she won with white women, Catholics, seniors and people without college degrees, looked at exit polls on negativity, harsh Clinton NY Times editorial. Highlighted Obama saying he’ll close the deal by “winning.” Moved on to North Carolina GOP TV ad invoking Wright, McCain’s repudiation. Russert weighed in, said if Obama wins next two contests he could lock up nomination because supers would coalesce behind him.

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