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All three networks led, again, with furor over Obama comments.

ABC: Looked at the day’s “bitter feud” among all three candidates, and both Democrats’ attempts to look comfortable with working-class Pennsylvanians. Included clip of new Clinton ad featuring supporters criticizing the remark. Report from small-town Columbia, PA found some residents offended, while others thought Obama’s words were being twisted out of context.

CBS: Recapped the fourth day of attacks against Obama, as well as Obama’s latest defense. Mentioned, but did not excerpt, Clinton’s new ad. Report also mentioned Clinton’s “woman-of-the-people pose” of the last few days with an ounce of skepticism.

NBC: Led with Obama’s “bitter” comments, noting all three candidates accusing each other of not connecting with blue-collar voters, focused on soundbites on remarks Monday. Highlighted Clinton getting some jeers at Pittsburgh event, new TV ad featuring Keystone supporters, her campaign’s argument that comments make him vulnerable to GOP attacks. Noted Obama made similar comments on Charlie Rose four years ago; their campaign hopes Clinton’s aggressiveness on issue “backfires” so she’ll look “bitter on the trail.” Added comments didn’t stop Obama from getting two local Pennsylvania paper endorsements.

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