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ABC: President Bush told Martha Raddatz he thought his Iraq strategy was “failing” in 2006, insisted he does care about American public opinion, and said he plans to write a book. Report on Bill Clinton’s (inaccurate) revival of the Bosnia flap. Noted potential financial conflicts with pro-trade Colombian firms paying Bill Clinton for speeches and donations to Clinton Library from Saudis, who Hillary Clinton has criticized.

CBS: Led with tough report on Bill Clinton, asking if he is Hillary Clinton’s “biggest liability” and noting previous comments “knocking her off message.” In “Face the Nation” preview, Pelosi told Bob Schieffer she can’t understand why Bill Clinton would have raised Bosnia issue again, attributed it to a “late-night adult moment.”

NBC: Led with airline trouble and GE’s falling stock and profits. Covered B. Clinton defending wife on Bosnia flap, noting errors in his defense and H. Clinton telling him to back off. Suggested B. Clinton’s remarks counter Clinton’s “3 am” argument. Also highlighted Cheney photo in which some allege sunglasses reflect a naked woman. Dalai Lama said in interview he doesn’t want boycott of Olympics because of China’s crackdown on Tibet.

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