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Elizabeth Edwards on ABC’s “Good Morning America” again said she prefers Clinton’s health plan to Obama’s, though still is not endorsing a candidate. Also said her husband is not looking for a position in a future Democratic administration.

Joe Biden on NBC’s “Today,” weighed in on Petraeus hearings so far, claimed Republicans have no plan to end the war. Asked about candidates’ performances at the hearing, said Obama was a big contrast to McCain. Doesn’t think Clinton should drop out, said enthusiasm is good for the party. Thinks there will be a nominee after the next three, four primaries.

On CBS’ “Early Show” reiterated his thoughts on Iraq hearings, declined to endorse Obama or Clinton. Said he talks to them regularly, believes they are both fully qualified and doesn’t plan to make an endorsement.

Biden also appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” CNN’s “American Morning.”

On “Morning Joe,” Sen. Webb praised Clinton and Obama’s questioning during Tuesday’s Iraq hearing, said McCain sounded “fairly cautious” in his questioning.

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