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ABC: Led with FAA congressional testimonies, then covered candidates’ March fundraising totals. Dug into Clinton’s money woes, but said “bigger” problem may be some of her “strongest supporters” saying she needs the popular vote to win (citing Corzine, Murtha while noting Carter leaning to Obama). Stephanopoulos weighed in, elaborated on Clinton telling supers Obama isn’t electable. Noted Secret Service asking for more money to protect candidates.

NBC: Led with troubles in the airline industry, noted candidates’ fundraising totals, Clinton camp saying they’d release tax returns Friday. In-depth package on religion and politics, featuring The Fellowship co-founder Doug Coe who runs D.C. “national prayer breakfasts.” Noted his influence on politicians, statements on China, Hitler. All three candidates have attended events held by him, Clinton campaign insisting she wasn’t member, doesn’t donate. Ended with Andrea Mitchell saying religious ties have become part of the race with a picture of Clinton, Obama and Rev. Wright.

CBS: After reports on airline safety and the economy, word of March fundraising totals for Obama and Clinton. Next, a look at new CBS-NY Times poll figures; Jeff Greenfield highlighted results showing more people expect Obama to win the nomination, and more people say he shares their values. Mention of Carter’s near-endorsement of Obama.

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